Each year, the founders and designers at YES. are inspired, driven, motivated... call it what you will... by the same simple pleasures. An activity that gave us a culture and an identity has framed and flavored some of the most memorable moments of our lives. Whether it's the exotic pursuit of untouched zones in far-off lands, the scoring of "first chair" at the local resort after a dump, or finally landing a trick we’ve slammed on a hundred times. The spark is just as simple - and plentiful – as it was when linking a couple turns was all we could manage.

Last year was a huge design year for us and we’re humbled by the recognition awarded to our efforts by our fans, our peers and the industry. And true to the spirit that got us here, for 017 we again pushed the needle further... always in our own way.

If it isn’t obvious by now, we at YES. are not measuring ourselves against any other brand or playing catch up with “emerging trends”. We do what feels right, we fill voids that we see and we honestly have no idea where this path will take us. Forwards, backwards, it doesn’t matter. As long as we’re moving, we're happy.

And if you get that, you get YES. And you should come ride with us.