" People are scratching their heads and wallets wondering why sales are down in the mass market "snowboard business". There are still a lot of riders who believe snowboarding represents much more than just dollars and cents; riders who don't give a shit about TV airtime or podiums, but DO care deeply about snowboarding's soul.

While the traditional buy-sell structure may still work for many brands, the one-size-fits-all approach that exists just doesn't work for everyone.

It's time for rider-owned brands and retailers to support each other again, ensuring that our collective future represents the best of what we all know snowboarding can be, and what for many of us, still is.

I believe brands are far better working together with other ones who stand for the same things, and that retailers can create a far better physical community than a virtual one.

Parts & Labor will be the best opportunity for rider-owned brands and retailers to represent their love for snowboarding first and foremost, while building a future we can all believe in.

For anyone who truly loves snowboarding, now is your chance to prove it. "

 - TRENT BUSH (Twist, Technine, Analog) 


Together, we are building a diverse roster of brands that represent snowboarding’s unique culture.


P&L is a relaxed, fun, and business-focused environment.  Our focus is to put the brand/company directly in line with the appropriate marketplaces, and to turn those handshakes into real business. We are working directly with key retailers to guarantee that the shops you want to meet will attend.


P&L has secured an undisclosed, premium space in the Denver Downtown Corridor with a wide array of benefits including free parking, screening room, bar, and more. 


P&L provides a level playing field for established and emerging brands. Brand’s visibility will be determined the quality of their ideas rather than the size of their wallets. Exhibition spaces are standardized, with flexible options that will fit any budget, without compromising your brand identity.


Ship or carry in your samples on day, and carry them back out when the show's over. You will receive exact specs for your buildout prior to the show so that you can plan custom mounting solutions, printed materials or other light customization ahead of time. No labor contracts, no forklifts, no waiting for your crate to emerge from a distant warehouse. We will have on-site shipping and receiving for painless, worry-free moving.


No hidden fees for labor, wifi, electricity, deliveries, memberships, or promotions.


We believe that by increasing the transparency of all of our businesses we will all be able to grow a healthier, and more responsible marketplace.


Above all else, P&L will be something we can all look forward to. You will leave this show relaxed, inspired, and excited about the future.