"A changing of the guard is needed. Our store (Satellite) has been around for 15 years, & we've felt like the industry has changed so much just in that short time, yet our tradeshow has not. There is a new era of snowboarder owned brands that are here not to take the place of the bigger companies, but to co-exist with them, which is a much needed diversity in the the current state of the snowboard industry. Parts & Labor is a unique opportunity for these brands to share the spotlight, without being financially burdened by expensive tradeshow booths. I believe the future of how our industry progresses from a brand standpoint should be dictated by quality and uniqueness, and should not be skewed by who has the most money to spend on frivolous things..."

 - JG MAZZOTTA (Owner, Satellite Boardshop) 


P&L is more than a trade show, it's a space to build lasting relationships. The environment is friendly and relaxed, with the right mix of practical amenities, including comfortable work space, good food, and talks and workshops from the best people in snowboarding.

The daily schedule is built to keep attendees relaxed and energized. 


Complimentary transportation will be provided within the Downtown Denver area to and from the show, with complimentary parking available.