Quivers rule. Quivers are necessary. Quivers make sense. There is too much fun shit in snowboarding to ride the same board every day.

Is it deep? Is it prime park weather? Has it been a while since it snowed? Are backcountry lines firing?

Or what are you down to do today? Do you want to carve at high speed? Do you want to hike rails in the park? Do you want to hit the jump line? Or do you want to go exploring for fresh lines?

Different boards do different things well. One board might rip turns harder, while another might flex more for riding rails and boxes. Another might float in pow better than either of the other two. And within powder, one might handle tight East Coast lines well, while another is dialed for more open Alpine lines.

To regularly sample from all the good times that snowboarding has to offer, it’s key to build yourself a quiver to pull the right board for the right conditions.