P&L has reached capacity.

Parts and Labor is a curated show, focused on the best of the snowboard community. Our number one priority is making sure the show is an amazing experience for all involved. We have limited physical space at our disposal, and don't want to compromise the overall mission of the show.

P&L has reached capacity. 

We are accepting applications for additional participants, but cannot at this point promise inclusion in the show. To those who have applied, but not heard back yet, it's because we're still playing catch up. You'll be hearing from us soon. If you have been accepted into the show, but have not yet made your deposit you must do so ASAP or we will have to open up your spot to another brand.

Please apply through the form on this page.

We're still six months from the show, and we will keep all applicants updated as the situation develops. 

We've created a monster, and we want to make sure she stays a friendly one!

thanks for all of your support,