P&L Communique #1



Parts and Labor was founded in order to showcase the best of snowboarding's unique community. 

The premiere event will take place in Denver, January 27-29. Future dates, locations, formats, and details will be determined by the participants.

"A changing of the guard is needed. Our store (Satellite) has been around for 15 years, & we've felt like the industry has changed so much just in that short time, yet our tradeshow has not.”  
- JG MAZZOTTA (Owner, Satellite Boardshop)

“Parts & Labor will be the best opportunity for rider-owned brands and retailers to represent their love for snowboarding first and foremost, while building a future we can all believe in. For anyone who truly loves snowboarding, now is your chance to prove it."
-TRENT BUSH (Twist, Techine, Analog)

Exhibitors include: Moss Snowstick, Dinosaurs Will Die, Vans, Nightmare, Public, Grassroots Powdersurfing, the Interior Plain Project, Owner Operator, Airblaster, Fix, Ashbury, 1817, Howl, Spring Break, Dang Shades, Smokin Snowboards, Niche, Powderjet, Jones, Yes, Now, Hightide Mfg., Salmon Arms, Stepchild Snowboards, TJ Brand, Warp Wave, Remind Insoles, Lobster, Switchback Bindings, Bataleon, Elm, Shred Soles, Holden, Videograss and more.

Parts & Labor was founded in 2016 by Joe Suta (Nightmare Snowboards) and Steven Kimura (Owner Operator, United Shapes)