Hi Friends,

Back from the woods and hitting the ground running. We're going to be building out the site in order to make it easier for shops, brands, and everybody else to connect. If you have not all ready please:

- Please sign up for our exhibitor mailing list . We've definitely exceeded the number of contacts I can easily manage via email, and will be transitioning over to using the News bar here, and a mailing list for show communications.

- Fill out the updated exhibitor information form. We will be expanding and adding brand profiles. We plan on providing forms on everybody's page that can put anybody interested in direct contact.

- Shop list. We're working on a shop directory that will hopefully be up and running soon as well. We'll be reaching out to shops for their info soon as well so that we can make it just as easy for brands to talk to shops they want to meet.

thanks to all of you for your support!