Weed and Snowboarding

Snowboarders love weed. It's an easy stereotype, though often if not always true. We also love local businesses, entrepreneurship, and breaking the rules.

The cannabis business is a story of an underground economy and culture coming out of the wilderness and into the light. It's cultural and commercial reality became impossible to ignore, so local governments have had to accept, and embrace its role. Sound familiar?

Cannabis and snowboarding have always been inextricably linked and intertwined. It is time to shake off the old stigmas and stereotypes and embrace, reintroduce, and reframe this synergistic relationship by educating those in our communities on the responsible and effective use of cannabis as part of a happy and healthy mountain lifestyle.

We founded Parts & Labor in order to embrace and nurture snowboarding's unique culture. It's the start of a long conversation about how best for all of us to move forward as an innovative and fun industry, and to push to create a healthier marketplace for both business and ideas.

These businesses are independent of our industry, and enable us to create a free and fair environment, disconnected from various business entanglements, boundaries, and potential conflicts of interest of larger trade shows. Support from the cannabis industry has enabled us to keep the show free of corporate influence.

Not every snowboarder is a cannabis user, but every cannabis user is certainly a potential snowboard customer.

We’d like to thank our sponsors at High Country Healing, Mary’s Medicinals, Mary’s Nutritionals, O.Pen Vape, and 420 Tours for providing the financial and material support that we need to make this show awesome.




Steven & Joe