The Other Guys

Hi Friends,

Many of you have written or called to tell me about free booth and display spaces that you're being offered over at SIA. If SIA feels like a better home for you, or you just can't say no to free exposure, by all means take it. 

If you plan on taking free space at SIA, you are more than welcome to maintain a presence at our show as well.

If you'd like to make the switch to SIA then we'll refund your money. We have brands wait-listed for P&L who will be happy to take your place.

Parts & Labor exists in order to serve the snowboarding community. The snowboarding community does not exist in order to serve the trade show industry. 

If you're looking for free booth space at SIA, please feel free to call Kyle Kennedy at (206) 409-8230. They may even waive your $1200 annual SIA dues if they've still got a lot of empty space to fill.

thanks for your support!

Steven & Joe